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by Felix Waweru (opens in a new tab)

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We're excited to have had our first Launch Week: where we launched one new feature, every day for an entire week!

For this Launch Week, we introduced a few new features that will take you from idea to execution even faster and will help you improve your workflows.

Here's a summary of what's coming:

Introducing Subscription Plans

We're excited to expand Code Fundi's capabilities with our new Subscription Tiers.

This week, we've rolled out two new tiers that offer a more powerful Assistant with more capabilities.

We have also improved our data security and added updates to your Dashboard to help you track more usage metrics and stats for your account.

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πŸ›  Dev Tier:

For devs that want to boost their productivity, we have introduced the Dev Tier. With the Dev Tier, you have access to a more powerful version of our AI Assistant along with additional features available in Code Fundi along.

You can also generate conversations and code up to three times longer than the Free tier can generate.

Here are some of the features that come with this subscription:

  • βœ… Includes All FREEπŸ”§ Features +
  • βœ… Specialized Coding AI
  • βœ… 7 Day History Retention
  • βœ… Generate up to 3k Text Characters
  • βœ… Scan Longer Code Blocks
  • βœ… Email Support
  • βœ… Automated Frontend Debug
  • βœ… Generate Code with AI

🧰 Pro Tier:

For experts that want a cutting edge Co-pilot, we have introduced the Pro Tier.

With the Pro Tier, you have access to all of the features available in Code Fundi along with the ability to generate conversations and code up to six times longer than the Free tier can generate.

Here are some of the features that come with this subscription:

  • βœ… Includes All DEVπŸ›  Features +
  • βœ… Advanced Coding AI
  • βœ… 30 Day History Retention
  • βœ… Generate up to 6k Text Characters
  • βœ… Priority Customer Support
  • βœ… Document Code with AI
  • βœ… Longer Code Generation
  • βœ… Test Generation for Code Quality

More Personalization with Code Fundi Memory

We have also expanded Code Fundi's capabilities with Memory. You can now have Code Fundi remember your conversation details, saving you from having to repeat information and making your interactions more personalized

This feature is built with privacy in mind and you can also turn off Code Fundi’s memory at any time, giving you full control over your data.

Fundi Memory

Turn a Description Into Code in Seconds

You can now generate code using Code Fundi by simply writing a description of what you want created. With this feature, you can now have Code Fundi seamlessly write new code in seconds, minimizing the steps you have to take to turn your ideas into software.

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Test Driven Development with AI

You can now also generate tests for your code using Code Fundi. With this feature, you can now ensure code integrity by automatically generating test code, providing validation and enhancing the quality of your shipped projects.

This feature is built to help you achieve Test Driven Development (opens in a new tab) in your project or team seamlessly.

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Automate your Frontend Debugging

Finally, we're excited to introduce a new way for you to use Code Fundi to boost your productivity. Introducing Frontend Debug;

Over 90% of websites on the Internet use JavaScript for their front-end and with this feature, Code Fundi is able to help you deploy faster by scanning your JavaScript frontend during build-time to identify and solve errors in real-time.

This helps you streamline your development process and ensure the reliability of your deployment, saving you time and effort. Most importantly, with our Coding Assistant's help, you can now rest easy whenever you run into a build error at the last second.

This feature is built using WebPack (opens in a new tab) and is compatible with JavaScript front-end websites such as:

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Wrapping Up

In this release, we've taken huge strides to enhance your Code Fundi experience. We look forward to your feedback as we continue to work hard making Code Fundi better and easier to integrate into your projects. This is our first of many Launch Weeks and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Happy Coding!

  • The Code Fundi Team