Code Fundi Discount

Code Fundi Discount

by The Code Fundi Team (opens in a new tab)

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If you're a Code Fundi user, you've likely experienced how our platform simplifies your development processes. But did you know that by upgrading your subscription, you can access even more powerful features?

We are thrilled to kick off our Sales Campaign at Code Fundi, featuring an exclusive 25% discount across all our services! This special promotion is our way of thanking our community and inviting new users to explore the enhanced capabilities of Code Fundi.

During this period, not only will you benefit from reduced prices, but you'll also be among the first to experience several significant updates that we're introducing to make your coding smoother and more efficient. Here's a summary of what's coming:

What’s New?

  • Enhanced Subscription Plans: Visit our updated pricing page (opens in a new tab) to discover the full benefits of our new subscription tiers. These tiers are designed to provide a more robust coding assistant, capable of handling complex tasks and providing deeper insights.

  • Major Platform Updates: We've boosted our VS Code (opens in a new tab) extension & AI assistant to make it more powerful and able to handle longer conversations. With this update you can now generate code and chat with more detail, giving you more relevant responses to your coding challenges.

Code Fundi Dev: Embrace the Future of Coding

For developers who demand the best, Code Fundi Dev is the ultimate solution priced at $8 per month (Now only $5.99). The standout feature of Dev is its advanced AI-powered code generation capabilities. With simple prompts, you can have our AI assistant generate entire functions, modules, or even complete applications, saving you countless hours of manual coding. Additionally, Dev provides access to a vast library of pre-built code snippets and templates, allowing you to kickstart your projects with high-quality, battle-tested code and take your development skills to new heights.

Code Fundi Pro: Boost Your Productivity with AI Assistance

The Code Fundi Pro tier is perfect for developers seeking top-notch tools priced at $20 per month (Now only $14.99). Pro includes all the features of Dev, plus AI-driven code assistance, making writing, debugging, and optimizing code faster and more accurate than ever. Plus, seamless integration with popular development platforms like VS Code & Github Codespaces ensures a smooth workflow wherever you code.

Wrapping Up

Upgrade (opens in a new tab) your Code Fundi subscription today to unlock all these benefits, including enhanced productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Whether you choose Dev or Pro, you'll take your coding experience to new heights and unlock the future of software development with Code Fundi. Visit our pricing page to learn more and make the switch today.

Happy Coding!

  • The Code Fundi Team